Monday, June 27, 2011

Hungry Runner Girl Giveaway

The Hungry Runner Girl has the cutest blog, and the best giveaways. She is currently doing a giveaway of some great workout pants. Check it out here HERE! 

Let me know what you think! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Race for the Cure

I absolutely LOVE running!  My little 22 month old boy also loves it, so he won't sit in his stroller while I am trying to get some exercise.  This has translated into me overtaking his room and turning it into my workout room.  (He is in our room since we currently live in an 800 sq ft apt).  I don't mind running on the treadmill at all.  It's nice to get caught up on my shows on the iPad while working out!

 I also Love races.  The excitement, adrenaline, and energy of all the racers is so fun.  It is also a great motivator on those mornings when I wake up and do not feel like working out!  I have done quite a few races, but never one that is for a cause.  On June 11, I did the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k.  It is pretty cool to know you are running for a good cause.  I did the race with my friends Ali and Doreen.

Pre race (Don't mind my big cheese face)

We just did the recreational run, which unfortunately did not start until 8:45 and in North Carolina that translates into 95 degrees and 99% humidity.  It was so hot.  Out of all the races I have ever done (including 2 marathons) I have never thrown up before, during, or after the race.  Well, this 3.15 miles about did me in and as soon as I crossed the finish line, up came the water I had consumed!  I was so embarrassed!  Seriously?  3 miles and I throw up?  I am either REALLY out of shape, or I ran a little faster than I should have in the hot and humid weather.  We'll go with the latter.  My pace was 8:39, which is pretty good for me at this point in my life!

Post race. Yes, my face is about as red as a ripe tomato.  It is something my face does when I workout.  It is totally normal.

Have you ever done the Race for the Cure? Or a different race for a cause?

Have you ever thrown up after a race? Have you ever collapsed or passed out?
-Towards the end of my first marathon, I collapsed, but my dad caught me and basically carried me to the finish line! I never would have made it without him!

Are you more motivated to not skip a workout when you are training for a race?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Healthy Babies!

Whether you have kids or not, you should check out this blog!  She does awesome giveaways and you could use them as gifts if you don't have your own little ones!  Right now she is doing a giveaway for Boddler Bites.

It's a way to get healthy ideas to feed your babies and toddlers!  You can check it out HERE!